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Your connection for industrial import and sourcing. Let our offshore relationships work for you.

Trust, Results & Peace Of Mind

CFH has built strong relationships with numerous ground level manufacturers than can offer a wide range of production capabilities to include but not limited to, hot forming, cold forming, injection moldingcasting, forging, stamping, and many more. Many of our trusted partners are also able to offer secondary machining, plating and assembly as needed.

Our customers have found the service and products we provide give them “Peace of Mind” by removing the unknowns and concerns of offshore sourcing. We work professionally, timely and effortlessly to ensure that our customers are getting the service and quality they expect. We not only provide a service and product but also a good night’s sleep!

Specials & Custom Parts

In today’s world all customer’s have a ‘special’ product or custom offering they rely on to stay competitive in their respective markets.  CFH Procurement has a proven track record of being able to develop our customer specific parts overseas. Saving the customer time, cost and giving the customer a reassurance that it has been done correctly and as they expect it.

Pole Line Hardware

CFH Procurment has been providing Pole Line Hardware since day one.  If there is one market that we are the duty expert in, Pole Line Hardware is it.  If you have been searching for a quality and reliable supplier for your pole line hardware needs, then look no further. We have industry standard items that can be produced and delivered to your door with a shorter lead time then most other direct importers. We can also have pole line hardware products produced to your specific needs and requirements.

  • Shorter Lead Times on Standard Hardware
  • Custom Designed Hardware based on your specifications



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